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Serguie Tchepournov


Serguie Tchepournov ViolinBorn in the Ukraine, Serguei began playing violin at age seven. His academic background includes fifteen years of training in music performance at schools such as Donetsk School of Music and Donetsk University Music School. He has twenty-five years experience as a music teacher and is also a composer, recording artist and soloist.

Serguei has played with the Moscow Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra, Moscow Opera Symphony Orchestra and a variety of Rock and Pop music groups. He has recorded 15 albums with Rock and Pop music groups in Russia and 8 albums in Canada with traditional artists, as well as his own solo albums ‘Gypsy Spirit’ and ‘Christmas Album’. He has toured extensively in Russia and Europe with a number of groups and has participated in music festivals in Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Canada and the USA.

Serguei is currently a member of the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra and teaches at the Yamaha Music School in Toronto, as well as performing at wedding ceremonies, corporate events and private parties.