Gigs Entertainment Inc DJ and live music services

Specialty Shows


Gigs Entertainment provides numerous Specialty Shows to suit all tastes and occasions. In the past we have produced our own shows and this experience lends itself to broadening our service offering to outside of DJ’s and live entertainment. Hypnotists and Magicians will always be popular and of course our Casino Nights allow gamblers and non gamblers an opportunity to have a fun night without using real money.

Team building events are always popular and in todays competitive world a great way to allow workers and team mates a chance to work together in a fun environment outside of the office. Our Karaoke has always been popular and we have one of the largest libraries of music in Ontario meaning you and your guests will be able to find that one song you love to sing. Our Karaoke nights are fun even if you just want to watch others entertain you.

Dont hesitate to ask us to customise entertainment for an event, we have access to some of the best Canadian artists who have worked with us before in large productions. If its a new car launch or something bigger we can provide the best talent for an event to remember.