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Karaoke Hosting


Gigs Entertainment is proud to have retained the services of well-known Karaoke host Will Ruddy. An accomplished singer and a professional musician, Will is a true Host for your Karaoke event. His broad entertainment background and experience hosting Karaoke since 1983 gives him a unique ability for making the audience feel comfortable and have a great time whether or not they choose to sing.

The key to a successful Karaoke night is to keep the audience entertained, beyond just collecting requests, calling out names and spinning discs. Gigs’ philosophy is that a true Host must be an entertainer himself, and as well as helping others have a good time, may even do much singing himself in order to give the audience the confidence they need to enjoy Karaoke to its fullest.

Gigs has thousands of songs to choose from and presents them in an easy-to-read binder. In order to create a live show type feel, we prefer not to repeat songs. This also has the advantage of avoiding impromptu competitions that can detract from the kind of relaxed atmosphere that encourages everyone to participate.