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Austin Powers


Welcome to my underground lair…we have gathered before you the world’s most dangerous musicians. Some of them you know. Some of them you’ll meet for the first time.

You and your accomplices will be placed in an overly elaborate, unnecessarily slow-moving and easily escapable device of self-destruction. Only problem is, you’ll have such a deviously shagadelic time, you won’t want it to stop!

Oops, Mini-Me, did we just say shagadelic?! Oh well, no harm done, even my arch enemy Awesome Powers would approve… In fact, he’s in the band!

Yes, that’s right, Doctor Evil. When we’re not shagging, music’s our bag, baby. It’s where we get our Mojo. Do we make you randy? Do we? Do we? Our groovy lads will turn your pad into a swinging shin-dig. The shags play all the songs from my awesome movies and the groovy sixties that you love. So whether you’re looking for Mr. Right, or just looking for Mr. Right Now, baby, this hip outfit’s the one for you.

If you’re in need of a swinging party you and your guests won’t soon forget, Awesome Powers and the Shagadelics is exactly what Doctor Evil ordered. Book Awesome Powers & The Shagadelics for your Private Party, Corporate Event, Wedding, Love-in, Bed-in, Scientific Symposium

You never know, those naughty high calibre femme bots may show up too. But don’t worry, baby, they’re shooting blanks! Yeah, baby! Yeah! The musicians in the Shagadelics have time-travelled in from across the universe to join forces with Awesome and Doctor Evil…

Awesome Powers is Bob Shea on vocals (or perhaps Bob Shea is simply Awesome.

Doctor Evil is Leon Stevenson on drums and vocals (also of the Extras, and Industrial Artz..

Fat Blaster also on drums and lead vocals moonlights as a manager of a “large” music store.

Tommy Shagwell is Tom Lewis on bass and vocals also of FeFe Dobson, Allen Frew, Glass Tiger, and Amanda Marshall.

Dickie Normous is Gordon Deppe on guitar and vocals (also founding member of 80′s success The Spoons.

Mr. Dirty Sanciez is Peter Nunn on keyboards, also of Honeymoon Suite, and Larry Gowan.

Warning! Your Mission is to book this band before they self destruct!