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PA and Lighting


Sound is a key link in the chain to a successful event. All the planning is complete, now we have to make sure that delivery is of the highest standard. The sound system is designed to make sure that whether you are a sound fundy or not, you will know that it sounds great. From the background music to the dance floor, Gigs’ systems produce a thick, juicy, undistorted clarity that you would expect from a company in the business of mobile sound. The cliche of quality not quantity rings true with us, you can be guaranteed that we will deliver premium sound without taking up valuable space for your guests.

Our lighting can be selected by choosing our standard lighting package, stand alone lights or a custom package specific to larger events. Mix and match from the following options, all custom lighting requires professional software, controllers, special trusses and a technician to choreograph the light show. Ideal for corporate events where spectacular effects are required, not generally suited for weddings.

Choose from: Geni Scans, Pods, Gobo Projectors, Roto Gobos, Technobeams, Spin Lights, Other Intelligent/Semi Intelligent Lighting, DMX Controllers, Strobes, Helicopters, Coloured Spots, Trusses, Floor Spots, Projectors, Lasers, Fog/Haze Machines, Follow Spots, Black Lighting, H2O Ambient Lighting, LED full concert video displays, LED Ambience Lighting blocks, Mirror Balls (chase and normal), Pin Spots, Light Boxes (chases).